"Chris' expertise in craniosacral therapy is stellar. In our UCLA program, we have a very select group of practitioners who not only are outstanding in their specialty but understand state of the art pain mechanisms and models. There are many patients whose emotions are fragile, whose bodies are hypersensitive, and who have experienced much failure in their journey for effective pain treatment. Chris knows how to work with this vulnerable population. He is a very bright, intuitive, talented and knowledgeable practitioner. We value his participation not only as a superb clinician, but also as an educator and researcher. We are fortunate to have Chris' participation as a member of our pediatric pain program team."

- Lonnie Zeltzer, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences
Director, Pediatric Pain Program
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

"With a healing touch, Chris helps me remain focused on what's important, Health and Happiness."

- Greg Louganis, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist


“I have been receiving bodywork from Chris for a couple of years now and love the combination of all his skills and intuition – he dances with me. In the session I am taken to healing places in a loving manner.”

Mary Anne Will, Workstudy Coordinator, Esalen Institute

Christopher's bodywork is his meditation, and his present yet neutral touch creates an atmosphere of trust and relaxation where healing takes place.

- Hanna Heiting Malibu CA.

"Christopher Slate is highly skillful with many techniques to treat soft tissue, joints or visceral disturbances. He is particularly effective in selecting the most effective procedures for individual problems. I recommend him as an outstanding therapist for recent or long term difficulties."

- Dr. Valerie V. Hunt R.P.T., www.bioenergyfields.org

"In all the years I've known Chris, what has impressed me most is his steady, kind heart, his eye for details other bodyworkers might miss and his ability to deeply support the healing process"

- Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, developer of "Healing from the Core" trainings, Upledger Institute Certified Instructor since 1986

"Chris is a healer in the true sense of the word -- intuitive, compassionate and expert at what he does. I have always valued the healing powers of massage therapy and so have experienced a number of therapists and various techniques. None have come close to the healing powers of Chris' touch. The combination of his knowledge, skill and talent is mystical."

Vicky Brown, SPHR President, Idomeneo Enterprises

Christopher's approach is simple - he listens. Forever the skeptic, I was amazed how Christopher is able to hone in on the places that need attention. His knowledge of the human body is exceeded only by his intuitive feeling for his patient.

I sceduled a treatment shortly after suffering blunt trauma to my rib cage in a snowboarding accident. Christopher remarked that he felt a fluid buildup in the region around my liver. The next day during a follow up with my surgeon, he reviewed the x-ray with me and pointed at the film. He said, "see this...that is fluid...". Need I say more? Chris just knows his craft.

- Eric Allan, Woodland Hills

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